PIE and Sanskrit

PIE reconstruction is a kind of scientific imagery and it could be far of any real ancestor language. I think that PIE never existed or, if it existed, it could be reduced to a couple of "productive" (self- generating) words. In ancient times people constantly were splitting up into groups, making newer and newer tribes inside relatively small and enclosed areas. Such "social groups" tended not to communicate to the "outside world"; simply, they were completely occupied, trying to figure out how to secure the life of their families (food supplies, finding an appropriate shelter, keeping their living space warm etc.). In fact, prehistoric and ancient people were as frightened from other human beings as they were afraid of wild animals or natural catastrophes.

I think that there were thousands of different languages (with a small number of speakers) only in Europe, but they were "suppressed" and reduced to a much smaller number after the first states (commonwealths) started to be created and an "official" (standard) language began to be imposed to all the subjects of a new (significantly enlarged) "society".

As for Sanskrit, I am more than sure that none of the European languages descended from Asia, but to the contrary, Sanskrit "corrupted" its "speech essence" under the heavy influence of a certain Euro-speaking "conquering" tongue.

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