Curving Of The Snake

OE nædre (snake, adder); niþera (down, downwards, below, beneath)

It would be interesting to compare Serbian synthagm "guja u nedrima" (a snake in one's bosom; Serb. njedra/nedra bosom), because one could say that OE nædre is related to Serb. nedra (bosom, breast) or even a borrowing from the above Serbian saying.

In order to understand what really has happened here we must go back to the Gon-Hor "antediluvian" basis whence the words 'hunter', 'enter', Latin interior, intra, and Serbian unutra (inside; from nasalized uNterati => uterati, naterati /to force in/) originally came.

The English adjective NETHER (lower) explains that n/adder (snake) is an animal that moves UNDER our feet.

On the other side, English snake (OHG. snahhan) is related to the Serbian noun gmizanje (creeping; from g/nizanje; niže, niz (below, downwards); hnihanje => snahhan); Serb. snizati se (to fall down as a rope); hence Serb. gmizavac (reptile).

Finally, Latin correpo -repere (creep) is a counterpart of serpo -pere and both words are related to Serb. krivo ( krivina /curve/; cf. serpentine = Serb. krivine /serpentine/).

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