The Intergalactic Illyro-Albanian


Possibly, yes. The only Slavic reflexes given for this root are indeed river-names, Russ. (one on either side of the Urals) and Pol. . I prefer to think that Illyrian used *ab-no- for ‘river’ (as in Ísamnus from *Ís-ab-no-, Intéramna from *Entér-ab-no- vel sim.), but like everything else here, it is only a working hypothesis.

Douglas G. Kilday

And you are not able to see that your “working hypothesis is wrong? Let us take an example: Lat. in-somnia (sleeplessness, loss of sleep) is a cognate of Serb. ne-sanica (sleeplessness, loss of sleep). According to your “working hypotheses” Latin insomnia must be a borrowing from the imaginary Illyrian, this time probably from ins-ab-no. I would not be surprised if one day some profligate “scientist” (of the G. Starostin’s and A. Lubotsky’s kind) came out with a “hypothesis” that Slavic spavati, spati, German schlafen, Latin sopio -ire and Sanskrit svapati are the loan-words from an intergalactic Illyro_Albanian.

Another digression: is Celtic afanc (sea-monster) related to Eng. whale? Old Irish abann and Welsh afon are clear evidences that Celtic “water” has been derived from the Bel-Gon basis, the same one where the Serbian noun ‘voda’ (from bol-da => vol-da => voda) originated from. Serbian river Bojana (Buna; stream, river) is another example that IE words as abban, affon, amnis, buna, bojana have the meanings river or stream; cf. Serb. bujica (stream), bujanje (flooding).

River Bojana (Buna) flows also through the teritory of today’s Albania, but, as we can see, its name is Serbo-Slavic (not Albanian!) and the great majority of Albanian toponyms are still wearing the Slavic names. As a matter of fact, there is none of the so-called Illyrian place names that can be explained with the help of the Shqiperian language. On the other side, almost all the ancient toponyms in the Balkan can be sufficiently explicated with the use of Slavic vocabulary.

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One Comment on “The Intergalactic Illyro-Albanian”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Anonymous writes:If all toponimes have a slavic meaning and origin why bother with ancient languages. Put a slavic stamp on all and go to sleep.Albanians must have fallen from the sky right on the tip of a mountain and peacefully awaited for slavs to come and name everything. :))The assimilation of *bn to *mn in albanian is not unique, happend a lot in romanian also.For ex. look at gjumë (sleep, slumber, dreamland, rest, doss, repose).IE: *swepǝ to proto-alb.swepnos > swemnos with palatalization of to [gj] through a posible intermediary of [sh]. Don't discount albanians so soon.They are older than slavs in the Balkans and they had a wider area in ancient times. Enough to count the fortress name Ulcinum in northern Hungary. It has a meaning in archaic ulk (wolf) of cham dialect (alb.ujk).

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