Dingle Dell

What about the slavic words
de-lni and d-lani "palm of hand"

Is there a IE language where
la- could be a acceptable root for "hand, palm of hand"?


Above is another interesting question posted on Cyba_Cave_List.
The fact is, Serbo-Slavic dlan (palm of a hand; the inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers) is do- prefixed word, born from the Gon-Bel-Gon basis. In my previous post on the "Illyrian prefix an-" thread I mentioned the Serbian words
dubina (from dubljina <= du/n/b/l/ina), dumbina =>
tavno, tamno, tmina (darkness; from du/n/bina => du/m/bina =>
tmina/tamno /dark/) and tonjenje (sinking; from tonlenje; cf. Serb.
utonuti /submerge/ utopljenje /water choking, drowning/ and davljenje
(strangulation, drowning).

A great number of Slavic and IE words in general appeared from the Gon-Bel-Gon basis. Above mentioned Serbian
dub/lj/ina (deepness) is the source of the Serbian adjective udubljen (concave) and
udubljenje (recession, pit, niche). It is quite logical because there is no depth/deepness (Serb.
dubina) without recess or an inward bending (concave shape).

Finally, that udubljenje (concavity) became Serbian dolja/ dol (Eng. dell; from
du/b/lja), DOLINA (valley; from du/b/lina) and the Serbian word
DLAN (formed by a last assimilation; primal agglutination Gon-Bel-Gon =>
Gublina (Russ. glubina/glubina depth) => Dublina =>
Dubina (depth); and Dublina => Dolina (valey) => Dlan (palm of a hand).

I can bet that Irish Dublin is semantically and morphologically the same word
as Serbian PN Dublje, Doljani, Dupljani (Serb. duplja cavity, hollow).

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