Experimental balloons! Did Abdullah take part in the newest “revision” of Pokorny’s IE?

Below is the message titled "Illyrian = Albanian", posted by
Abdullah on sci.lang in July 2007.
Intersting, Abdullah tried to remove that post immediatelly, but for
his misfortune, Trond was much quicker with a reply…

The same message was posted by Abdullah on another NG

It is very symptomatic that Abdullah erased his "Illyrian = Albanian"
initial message from dk.kultur.sprog too.

What was he afraid of and what forced him to act like that?

1) Maybe he lied about his participation in in that "linguistic
project of the millennium" and suddenly realized that he might have
been caught in the act of lying?

2) Maybe A. Lubotsky and G. Starostin warned Abdullah to keep his
mouth shut, because they were reluctant at the slightest thought that
the two "admirable scientist" could be brought into relation with an
ignorant folk etymologist of the A. Kunushevic kind?

3) What is the role of the Soros' "humanitarian" organisation in the
burst of Abdullah's unexpected "shyness"?

4) Is it posible that the shaping of the future "scientific world" is
going to depend on the mood of NGO "branch offices" and their
"advisors in chief" – financially richest and mightiest people in the

Wherever you look you can see numberless "experimental baloons"! :yes:

Dušan Vukotić

[…Abdullah Konushevci:

[…] in "An Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Indo-European
, a revised version of "Indogermanisches Etymolgisches
Wörterbuch" by Pokorny […], most of my etymologies and my view
about laryngeal hardening in Albanian were accepted as true
arguments. Especially is to be noticed the sign of equation between
Illyrian and Albanian.

I've been bursting with curiosity for days. Would you mind expanding

Trond Engen

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