Xur-Bel-Gon Theory In Short

Xur-Bel Gon theory is based on the names of the three most ancient sungods (Sur, Hor and Bel) and the primeval Gon syllable, which is denoting any kind of movement, either mental or physical. In fact, Xur- Bel-Gon is a source and a generator of the development of IE languages and a possible wellspring of the human speech in general.

In short, Xur-Bel-Gon is the nucleus from which any IE word came into existence. If you find yourself at the source of the river, it is not difficult to follow its stream, its confluences, effluences,
tributaries and any other river branches. Otherwise, if you find yourself somewhere at a heavily branched estuary you can spend the whole life without finding that what you are looking for (you know the story about Livingston, the Lualaba River and the river Nile). 💡

If anyone ever really wanted to know how the Xur-Bel-Gon wellspring is functioning all he would have to do is just to choose an IE word and let him watch that word's "unique" journey from the time it have been delivered from the Xur-Bel-Gon womb until to these modern days…

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