Laryngeal Theory Foam Bubbles

The so-called Laryngeal Theory is a sort of "serious" joke or a sweet delusion in which one can prove his linguistic (scientific) human-hyper-knowledge. In reality, Laryngeal Theory serves only to scare the people away of that "complicated" chemistry-like (H20 😥 ) "precise" noesis. Saussure was the first who predicted the former existence and later development of the PIE "laryngeals" (in reality mostly velars and glottal).

Of course, Saussure was right that some "laryngeals" were lost, especially those placed at the beginning of word. It means that none of the IE words has originally started with a vowel as an initial sound. If a "laryngeal" is placed in the middle of word it means that that word is a compound word; i.e. that "laryngeal is always the initial sound of the second (or third) "member" of the compound word. Also, there are "laryngeals" at the end of word and they are denoting a certain kind of motion related to subject.

For instance, German word 'enge' (density, narrowness, thight) originally sounded as (H)enge (according to my Xur-Bel-Gon theory 'enge' comes from the reduplicated Gon basis). Farther, we could see that German 'enge' (from henge) is related to English dense (born from condense; gon-gen-ge; cf. dick/ness) wherefrom sprang a spectar of Serbian words as gusto (dense), usko/uzak (narrow), sužen (narrowed), s/taza/sokak (narrow path), nagon (impulse), gun-gu-la (crowed), utegnut (tight).

Now let us scrutinize the English words dense, tight, dick: are those words born from the same basis as the above-mentioned German 'enge'? Certainly, they are! Things are getting more dense when pressured or _kneaded (knead = Serb. gnjeti/gnječiti). Finally, at the "end" of our narrow road from "enge" we ended in a "kitchen" with a "gusto" and "ukusno" (tasty) "dough-doughnut".

If I say that English dough and dense are closely related to Serbian testo (dhough) and that 'end' is closely related to 'enge' and Serbo-Slavic 'konac' (end) you will maybe be able to understand that "laryngeal Theory" is nothing else but a big and vacant foam bubble. Furthermore, that foam bubble is going to turn into nothing with the first sound thought of an unfettered thinker.

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