Christ – Anointed Messiah

Could anyone tell why the Greek word χριστος has the meaning "anointed"?

In Serbian there is no problem with the words krst (cross), krštenje/ križanje (baptism) because it clearly indicates the process of socialization (Serb. kruženje /circling/ => druženje /socializing/; cf. Serb. kružok "a small society", literaly "a small circle").

In Serbian the word mazati has the meaning "anoint" and that word is very close to Arabic masahha (wipe), masihi (Christian); Hebrew mashach (oil, smear, anoint); Serbian mazanje (anointing, smear), mast (lard) – all from reduplicated Gon syllable: Serbian na-nositi (to deposit) => na-mazati (smear).

For instance, German Kreuzung means "traveling across" (crossing) and this word is cognate to Serbian ukrštanje (crossing; a point where two paths intersect). All these words originated from the primal IE basis Hor-Gon (circle; Serbian krug, Greek krikos ring; OE hring; Greek οριζων horizon); cf. Latin gregarius (of a herd or flock; Latin aggregatus assemble; Greek αγειρω/ageiro collect, gather).

Now it became clear that meaning of the Greek word christos is not in accordance with other IE words where the name of Christ is connected to cross/crossing and to gregarious activities (German Kirche, church, Serb-Slavic crkva/cerkov/církev; all related to "circle" and to the name of Christ; circus).

Arabic word for Christian is masihi (Christ al masih; Serbian po-mazanik anointed one; Hebrew messiah) and it is clearly related to the act of anointment (Serbian mazanje smear, anointing; English mess, mix); this mazanje (mess, mix; Serbian mešanje mixing) "fathered" the words mission, message (Latin missus) and mass.

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