The Slavs – Natives and Conquerors

Dacians, Thracians and Illyrians never existed as nations and there never existed such languages as Thracian, Dacian and Illyrian. For God's sake, how the Slavs could have assimilated the huge masses of the native Balkan population without war; and how it could have happened that the Romans hadn't noticed any single war between the Balkan "aborigines" and the Slavic "newcomers"?

Romans mentioned the Illyrian kings Bardyllis, Grabos, Pleuratus, Cleitus the Illyrian, Glaukias, Bardyllis II, Monunius, Mytilus, Pleuratus II, Agron, Pinnes, Skerdilaidas, Pleuratus III, Gentius, Ballaios, Queen Teuta, Bato/Baton ((from 4th BC – 1st century AD);
Dacian, from Charnabon to Burebista and Decebalus (5th BC – 2th AD); and the Roman mentioned many of the wars they (Dacians, Thracians and Illyrians) fought against Romans and among themselves.

In the middle of the 5th century AD the Slavs "crossed" the Danube river and the all "ancient" Illyro/Dacio/Thracian people immediately disappeared without the trace. The Serbs and Croats "invaded" the Balkan Peninsula 150 years later (the beginning of the 7th century!) and no one spotted (noted) any conflict between the "autochthonous" people and their "conquerors".

All this sounds to me ludicrous, even sillier than the description of the Slavic warriors in Maurice's Strategikon, where they were described as "underwater ambushers" who were "breathing through long cane stalks". Nobody seems to be bothering to check the mentioned "underwater strategy" to see is such a "military assignment" feasible at all. Of course, it is not feasible! You cannot lie under water and breath through the cane stalk as well as it is impossible to conqer and assimilate the "aborigines" without the war.

In this specific Balkan case, the "natives" and the "conquerors" were the same people – the Slavs!

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