A Star Made of Iron

The greek word for horse is currently hippos, but in Linear B it was equus as in Latin…

But if you start from the common source (gob) you will see that the both words (hippos, equus) are derived from the same basis (Gon-Bel); Eng. cow, Serb. gov-edo (cattle), Lat, ovis (sheep; from hovis; Serb. ovan, ovca); as you can see horse, cow and ovis are hoofed animals; compare hoof (Serb. kopito /hoof/ => govedo /cattle/) and hippos/equus/ cow/ovis.

Is stella and astrum of different origin? Stella, aster?

Interesting. Greek σιδηρος/sideros (iron) is related to αστήρ/aster (star; Lat. sidus -eris /star/) in the same way as Serbian adjectives gvozdeno (iron) is related to zvezdano (starry). It just crossed my mind that Latin stella and English steel could somehow be related?

There are two key words that could solve the "star-enigma": English stare (AS starian) and Serbian zurenje (stare); Serb. Zornjača /Venus/ = English star; obviously, the Serbian word zora (dawn; cf. Arabic zuhra /Venus/) is derived from Sur-Gon basis (the sun, Serb. sunce; from <= su(r)nce => zornica => Zornjača /Venus/).

Star is a clear-cut IE word, but it seems that Semitic languages used the same "matrix" (Aramaic 'styrh star) and it would not be impossible that IE and Semitic once started from the same well-generator of human speech.

A few more examples that could corroborate above "hypothesis": Hebrew mizrak (east; from zarakh' shine, rise up; to come up, appear); Arabic sharq (east), sahar (sunrise, dawn); all these words are clearly related to the Serbian words zora (dawn), Zornjača (dawning star; Venus), sunce (sun; from surnce, zornica) and žarko (hot; Serb. žarko leto = hot summer)

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