Ambaka Binocle

An example of this sandhi would be tri + ambaka → tryambaka

Intersting, ambaka (eye) sounds as the nasalized Serbian syntagm "oba oka" (both eyes; Russ.oba both oko eye)!?

The word is "ambā", it means "mother", and -ka is some kind of an affix, "ambaka" so then means "eye". For "tryambaka" dictionary says " three-eyed (originally probably "three-mothered" from the threefold expression …some sanskrit words…) — but the computer dictionary is a bit corrupted in this part, so I would have to check in the book.


Ambaka is "śiva 's eye", "eye". I do not think that ambaka (eye) is related to ambika (mother; ambālā, ambālikā, ambi; probably related to Serbo-Slavic baba, babaluk; papa, babo; baba [grandma] = mama [mother]?).
It seems it would be more plausible if ambaka is related to Latin 'binocular' (involving both eyes; from bini + ocularis; binocle). In addition, there are Greek amphi-, Latin ambi- (both, on both sides) and Sanskrit abhitas (on both sides, about), the words that are clearly related to Serbian/Slavic oba (both) and obuhvat-iti (encompass, embrace, enclose).
I hope there is no need to explain the relation between Latin ambi- and bini- (bis double).

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