The Self-propelled Word Generator

Ah…o.k…I understand, your Excellency:  Sur, Hor, Bel, Gon, Um…I'm sounding those out and checking how my lips form as I'm saying these words…very primate-like…

Heidi Graw

Ten years ago I wrote a book entitled 'The Forefather of the European Man". Of course, this book was not based on the scientific grounds and I stressed it in the book's preface, by telling: "this is a free flight of the White Eagle".

The facts is, many of the things I concluded there were wrong, but a few "innovations" were very inspiring and fruitful. The most important one was the idea that the human speech started from the sun divinity and was developed later in accordance with the main characteristics of the sun (irradiation, warmth, fire, round form etc.).

In the same book, I reasoned that one of the main self-generating wells of speech was the sun-god Sur (Skt. Surya, Russian Zarya; Sargon – the king of Akkad, Sirius, Osiris).

Later on, I added the other sun god, Hor (Egyptian Horus, Slavic Hors) and it took me long before I understood that Sur and Hor were the same gods, just differently pronounced (Xur).

In reality, the famous linguistic division to satem and centum languages was the result of Sur-Hor (or Hor-Sur) rivalry. In the course of my farther studies I found out a certain correspondence and regular correlativity among Sur, Hor and the Babylonian god Bel (Semitic Baal) and I included that god in my first Surbel-Horbel "human speech formula".

It took me another few years to understand that my formula was deficient because it missed the magic word that enables an omnipotent animation and comprehensive movement of spiritual and material objects. Therefore, I added the syllable GON as a "dues ex machina", the main but invisible divine actor who solves the problem of the continuing motion and evolution of language. It is the way in which I "discovered" XUR-BEL-GON formula, improved, decorated and self-propelled by human or divine power of mind (UM).

To be precise, the words started to "sparkle" out of the names of deities (Sur, Hor, Bel). The ancient people ascribed all their day-to- day activities to the sun and considered the sun as god-protector. In reality, the sun was their god-savior, because the nights were extremely obscured and dangerous; the sun was bringing them the light, warmth and was giving them much better chances for survival.

You are right! The ancient people must have been preoccupied with the every day's struggle for pure survival. In fact, their mind was under constant pressure to solve the basic existential problems and to eliminate the deadly danger that surrounded them day and night. Therefore, it seems logical that the majority of people had neither time even to think of god nor to contemplate about any other natural and supernatural power. One could say that the process of thinking and "invention" of words was a "home work" for rare and specially gifted minds.

I am not sure, but I think that the movie “The Odyssey 2000” begins with the scene where monkey realizes that he can use bone as a sort of deadly weapon. There were the whole monkey pack but the only one among them was "chosen" for the "educational" job.

I would compare the beginning of speech with the invention of fire. Both must have begun at one isolated place and later they had been spread from “neighborhood to neighborhood”.

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