(B)leading Lead

Yes, it might be possible that ‘ved’ (Serbian ‘voditi’ lead, guide) or, more plausable, the Serbian verb ‘vaditi’ (Serb ‘on vadi’ he takes out, he scoops) is a part of the compound word MED-VED (honey-scooper).In Serbian we can see that the verb ‘eat'(Slavic j/esti, j/edenje, Lithuanian sti, valgyti; Latvian est eat, diens meal, Latin edo; Greek edanon eatable);

Now, if we compare the Lithuanian valgyti (eat), Latin ambedo (consum) and Serbian obed (meal) I believe that everyone with a normal mental capacity will be able to understand why I am constantly talking about the BEL-GON Ur-Basis, which gave the birth to the hundred of thousands of the IE words (voda-water, vlaga-wetness, voditi-lead (from v/ladati, V-LADA government; V-LADAR (ruler) = LEADER; Serbian POJITI (to drink) and POJEDEN (eaten); POLITI (splash); PITI (drink) VODA (water), VLAGA (wetness), VODJA (leader)

BEL-GON (the sun god BEL + GON paleo-syllable that denotes any kind of movement) GON-BEL (reversed order) o/blak (cloud; from GON-BEL-GON basis; gn/oblak, g/noble, noble; Lat. nebula /cloud/ from GON-BEL) Serb. nebo /sky/; from g/n/obla/k; adj. nebeski heavenly (Latvian debesis /sky/ from GON-BEL; welkin from BEL-GON; heaven from GON-BEL- GON; Lat. polus /sky/, from BEL-GON Slavic voda (water) is coming from the BEL-GON basis (Serb vlaga / wetness/ from BEL-GON.

The stream of water was compared with the power of leader/ruler Serbian OBLAK /cloud/,VLAGA /wetness; cf. river VOLGA/, VODA /water/, VODJENJ/leading/, VODJA /leader/; Slavic VODA originated from BEL-GON => BOLDA => VOLDA; i.e. from the word OBLITI => POLITI (suffuse, splash); Serb. BLJUNUTI (gush), PLJUNUTI (spit), BLJUZGA (slush), PLJUSAK (rain-shower) BLATO (mud).

It woud be impossible to understand the etymology of the English word LEAD without the knowledge that this word stemmed from the BEL-GON Ur- Basis.

For instance, what is the relation between the English words LEAD (to guide) and LEAD (heavy metal)? Is there any relations among the two above words and Latin fluo -ere (flow; flumen river) _FLUID?!

Whoever is able to understand the relations between CLOUD and CLOTH, LEAD and FLUID, FETTER and WATTER or among REX, REGIS, Serb. REKA (river) and German REGNEN (to rain) that one can say that he is beginning to understand one of the biggest secrets of the human existence – the human speech development.

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