Na(m)broj all the numbers! Na(m)biranje => Numbering?

Serbo-Slavic broj (number) was born from the Br-Gon basis (opposite driving; originally from Bel-Hor-Gon paleo-syllables; cf. Serb. borenje /fighting/ and Latin belliger /waging a war, warlike/). Compare Serb. preko (across), prečka/pritka (crossbar) and English bridge (OE brycge, Ger. Brücke) and you will be able to understand the evolution of the words as English bring (Ger. bringen), Serb. prineti (bring), Russ. приносить, Czech přines (bring), Lat. progigno (bring forth), Greek παραγω (bring forward).

Of course, there are a great number of other words that completely fit into the above “opposite driving” scheme – English work, Serbian vršiti (work), Slovak pracovať (work), Serb. obraditi/poraditi/ raditi‘ (work), English practice, operation (Latin abrado -radere / shave, to scrape off; Serb. brijati /shave/);

Slovak obrábať (work), Russ. обработка (abrabotka from obra/d/botka; Serb. ob-rad-ba; radovi works/, rabota (work); cf. Serb. obrađivati (process) => opraviti (repair) => pravda (justice), Serb. pravo (law, right); cf. English prove/probation; Serb. oprobati; Lat. probatio (probe, inspect)

Serbian word broj (number) is derived from nabiranje (colect, gather; verb nabrati to colect’); hence branje (picking up, collecting); It looks as if English number comes out from the nasalized Serbian nabiranje (naMbiranje => numbering).

The similar relation we have in case of the Semitic sifr (Hebrew saphar writer, collector; from the primitive root SAFAR “to count”/ “scribe” (like in German zählen /count/ and erzählan /talk/) and Serbian sabirati (colect, gather). Serbian NABRAJATI = numbering; NABRAJATI = talk angrily

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