Black Krshna

Russian <čërnyj> 'black' most certainly is cognate with
Sanskrit <kṛṣṇa-> 'black, dark'.

One has to be remarkably stupid, ignorant, or both to
imagine that the cognacy of the words implies identity of
the gods. Krishna and the Devil are associated with the
color black for different reasons.

Brian M. Scott

First, the words cherniy (Russ.černый black; Serb. crn; Cz. černo; OSl črъnъ) and chort (devil; Russ. čert; Cz. čert ) are not directly related. Of course, both words are derived from the same ur-basis (Hor-Gon), but with a different "evolutionary" path. Namely, these words are distantly related to OSl gorѣti (Russ. goretь, Serb. goreti; Russ. gorenie burning, Serb. gorenje; Cz. hoření; Skt. kiraṇa ray; Lith. karštas burning; OIr. gorim burning; Gr. θέρος summer heat; θερμός).

The Serbian verbs harati (devastate), po-harati (rob), po-koriti (conqer, subjugate; Russ. pokorяtь) are clearly related to the above mentioned word "goreti" (burn). On the other side are the Serbian words as gar (soot; Russ. nagar burn, snuff, soot), garav, garo (black), garežan (coverd with soot), which are also evidently derived from the earlier verb 'goreti' (burn). I means that Slavic chern comes from horen; i.e. OSl. goreti, Serb. garan => cherni/crn (black).

As you can see, Serb. garežan (covered with soot, burned; cf. Russ. nagar burned and Serb. nagoreo, Lat. niger black) is phonetically very close to Skt. krishna (black) and it shows that Slavic 'chert' has nothing essentially to do with 'chern' (black), because 'chert' is related to Slavic 'harati' (devastate) and English 'hurt') despite the above mentioned fact that 'harati' comes from the same basis as gar (soot) and cherniy (black) and that both of these words are closely related to the Slavic verb 'goreti/horeti' (burn) and the noun 'gorenje/horenje' (burning).

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