A Deep Understanding of Dummheit

"Mental numbness" can be translated to Serbian as “mentalna tupost”; (Cz. hloupost/tupost dumbness, bluntness; Russ. glupostь, tupostь, tupoumie; OSlav. tѫpъ). English stupidity (from Latin stupidus -a -um) seems as if it is a s- prefixed form of the Slavic word tup (blunt, stupid); cf. Serb. za-tupeti (to become dull or stupid), is-tupljen (blunt).

Nevertheless, all the above-mentioned words are derived from the Gon- Bel-Gon basis (according to HSF) or from the PIE roots *glebh- , *nebh- or *dheub- (in reality, these three roots are derived from the same Gon-Bel-Gon basis, which represents any form of "roundness").

What is the reason that we have similarities among Slavic words glubina and dubina (deepness) and the words that denote glupost and tupost (stupidity)?

Serbian gluv (deaf) is related to glup (stupid) in the same way as deaf (Ger. taub) is related to deep (Ger. tief). I suppose, you have spotted that German tief (deep) is phonetically closer to English deaf than deep, while German taub (deaf) is closer to English deep.

Is there anyone whose mental sharpness is preserved enough to understand the "simplicity" of the processes of language formation?

Can be translated from what? It ain't an English expression.

Peter Daniels

If you say "mental numbness" in English it could be translated to Serbian as "mentalna tupost" or "mentalna nemost". English numb and Serbian nem (mute, numb); both words are probably related to German nehmen (take; Goth. niman; Gr. νέμω to deal out) and Serbian naimanje/najam (tenure, tenancy) and najmiti (to lease, retain; cf. Serb. zajmiti, uzimati take). An antonym to numb is nimble, and this nimble is akin to jovial, Serbian živ-ahan (jovial, quick) and English quick…
After all these "instructions" I hope you will be able to comprehend the relation (kinship) between Serbo-Slavic životinja (animal) and Latin animal.

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